F1 Wheel and Tyre Gold Coast
We have a huge range of custom mag wheels on the Gold Coast.
And check out our budget, premium, drift and performance tyres!

Wheel & Tyre Services

There’s more to F1 than just new wheels and tyres, we’ve also got the best fitting, balancing and aligning equipment available!

Below you’ll find the “From” prices for our services, so be sure to call us for a specific quote for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment
From $65.00
Puncture Repair
From $33.00
Tyre Rotation
From $66.00
Tyre Fitting
$12.00 EA
Wheel Balancing
$12.00 EA
Tubeless Valve
$3.50 EA

Call us on (07) 55637 922 for more information.