F1 Wheel and Tyre Gold Coast
We have a huge range of custom mag wheels on the Gold Coast.
And check out our budget, premium, drift and performance tyres!


Michelin Primacy LC

205/60R16 for $175.00ea


Michelin Pilot Sport III

215/45R17 for $185.00ea

235/45R17 for $185.00ea


Michelin Primacy III ST

205/55R16 for $170.00ea


Michelin Energy XM2

175/65R14 for $109.00ea

195/60R15 for $149.00ea

195/65R15 for $145.00ea

205/65R15 for $112.00ea

215/60R16 for $149.00ea

For more information on the Michelin Energy XM2, click here!

For other sizes or more general information please call us on (07) 5563 7922