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We have a huge range of custom mag wheels on the Gold Coast.
And check out our budget, premium, drift and performance tyres!

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Mag Wheels Gold Coast and Brisbane

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We’re located on the Gold Coast but can ship Australia wide! Call (07) 5563 7922 for more information.
Mag Wheels Gold Coast | Mag Wheels Brisbane

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  1. F1 Team

    This is the best place to buy Mag Wheels on the Gold Coast. Click the link at the top to go to the mag wheel vehicle search (the Wheels link).

    You’ll see a list of mag wheels once you select your vehicle make and model!

    16 inch mag wheels
    17 inch mag wheels
    18 inch mag wheels
    19 inch mag wheels
    20 inch mag wheels
    22 inch mag wheels
    24 inch mag wheels

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