F1 Wheel and Tyre Gold Coast
We have a huge range of custom mag wheels on the Gold Coast.
And check out our budget, premium, drift and performance tyres!

Gold Coast Tyres

We have the biggest showroom for wheels and tyres on the Gold Coast.

If you’re looking for Gold Coast tyres, F1 should be your number one choice!

How can we make it that way? Well, first you can choose from a huge range of budget, medium, offroad and high performance tyres at our showroom, or contact us about what your needs are and we’ll recommend something for you!

Second, we can give you a great deal! We’re not locked into any sellers and don’t have to meet anyone’s quota, so we’ll sell you the right tyre at the right price!

F1 Wheel and Tyre, wheels and tyres at the right prices, big specials, discounts and sales.


Also if you love your off road adventures, you have to check out our new Nitto range! Tyres suited to mud, rock and almost any condition you can throw at tyres!

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