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We have a huge range of custom mag wheels on the Gold Coast.
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Brisbane Wheels

Brisbane Wheels

If you’re looking for Brisbane Wheels, you’re at the right place. We supply all over Australia but mainly the Gold Coast and Brisbane! We have a huge showroom and a massive range. Great prices and even better service!

And we’re just a short drive away at Labrador! Sometimes, it’s worth the extra minutes in the car to get the right price and the right service.

Call now on (07) 5563 7922!

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  1. F1 Team

    Custom rims in Brisbane wheels F1 wheel and Tyre, Australia, Queensland. Wheels, rims, mag wheels, sick rims, customs.

    13 inch
    14 inch
    15 inch
    16 inch
    17 inch
    18 inch
    19 inch
    20 inch
    22 inch
    24 inch
    26 inch
    28 inch
    30 inch … monsters!!!!

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